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Other modding chat rooms. I'm sure this has been said before, but this mod is awesome and has definitely been established essential to my load order from now on.

I had thought the new NPCs would feel out of place or obviously from a mod, but they blend perfectly and add a much needed level of flavour to the vanilla characters and conversations.

Some are deep and dramatic while others are humorous and vulgar. I just got done talking to Moris the Draugr located in the Nightgate Inn of Heljarchen and he told me of how the men of Skyrim boast about they're women being strong, but Moris says they can be biters so I should 'watch where I stick it'. After talking to Callen, the dark elf adventurer at the other end of the bar, she has a conversation with Moris that went something like this:. Moris: What, like a dress?

Come to think of it, a dress would look better on me than the troll carcass your carrying around you call a body. The greatest achievement of the mod are the quests. It's the quests that manage to anchor characters in the world of Skyrim and turn its cities into places where stuff is actually happening.

Their prerequisites are often unintuitive, but my grand playthough where I stumbled onto most of them naturally was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. I've only started two but haven't gotten around to doing them yet, hopefully I enjoy them. Most Vanilla followers were pretty plain And the super followers are just Some of the followers Most have personal quests as well as mutual involvement in larger quests and stories.

Hmm that's pretty cool, I hope to come across one of them! Anna's NPCs have dialogue with them.

Using Mods

The superfollowers are great - i did most playthroughs with rumarin and he really has for almost every situation a comment, even at the morthal vampire lair he comments on how they hoard so many shoes. I have never realized it, but in one corner there really is a shelf with almost all types of shoes in the game - he has many of those detail comments.With most gamers still adventuring through the Nord's homeland some eight years after its release, it's hard to question the quality and engrossing charm of Bethesda's massive fantasy RPG minus a few bugs and horses being able to traverse at 90 degree inclines.

Every rock, plant, and troll have excruciating detail pumped into them, and the followers in the game are no exception. Accompanying you through every frozen waste, pine forest, or dank and dangerous dungeon, followers offer some added muscle and companionship through the lovely in game world.

While some followers really shine, other fall flat, especially when they're competing with spell casting cat-men and drunk, disgruntled barbarians. Followers are judged by a certain set of criteria: aside from combat effectiveness, followers are also rated on how good of a companion they actually make while traveling with them; meaning their dialogue and any interactions they have with their surroundings and the Dragonborn.

It's hard to narrow down a list with so many options available, so if any Dovahkiin out there don't see their favorite follower, give us a holler in the comments letting everyone know why your favorite adventure companion rules.

erevan skyrim

As a Nord warrior that specializes in heavy armor and two-handed weapons, Ingjard is a pretty useful follower. Being a Nord, she already has a fifty percent resistance to frost, meaning that she is somewhat resistant to the dangers present in the icy climes of Skyrim.

Even though she is a mighty Nord, her two-handed weapon preference means that she can be pecked at by enemies that attack quickly, due to some of her long-winded attack animations.

Still, in the gist of the massive game, she's pretty typical. As an extremely drunk warrior who is found being a belligerent barbarian at the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth, Cosnach is a Breton warrior who likes to imbibe just a bit too much. Talking to his employer across the street reveals that Cosnach is getting plastered because of the increasing amount of Foresworn attacks on trade caravans, meaning that the trade business is slow.

If the Dragonborn is so inclined, they can challenge him to a fight, resulting in him becoming a follower.

Cosnach can also be considered for marriage, if gamers decide that booze-soaked deadbeats are their thing. Players can also give Cosnach drinks, making him dance for joy, and even watch him argue drunkenly with his employer about his sixteen hour drinking binges.

Erevan Ilesere

Originally serving a cult that was dedicated to a Daedric prince, Erandur left his old life of shady dealings with the demonic side of Skyrim and dedicated his life to Mara, becoming a healer. He is first encountered on the road to Falkreath, approaching the player and partaking in humorous dialogue. Plus he constantly barks, making him tolerable for only so long before players start seeking a less conspicuous companion.

Brelyna is one of the apprentices at the College of Winterhold where she is mostly introverted and a bit of a crank, and overall a subpar spell caster. After some talking and quest progression, she actually becomes quite polite and-- if players equip the Amulet of Mara-- a marriage prospect. She is also able to summon flame and frost Atronachs to assist in combat. Apart from her powerful magic, she has an extremely low health pool, meaning that watching her get her butt knocked down repeatedly is almost a guarantee when fighting tougher foes.

As a member of the Circle, Farkas can kick some serious butt in the land of Skyrim. Farkas is also your man if you want to marry a dude with a hankering for spiced mead with an ungodly amount of body hair. Combat ability and training expertise aside, Farkas is also stricken with lycanthropy, meaning that he is totally a werewolf, as evidenced by the smeared mascara around his eyes and the fact that you actually watch him turn into a werewolf mid quest before he rips a bunch of dudes to shreds.

The brother of fellow lycanthropic Nord Farkas, Vilkas is the one that apparently got the brains out of the genetic pool. Able to hold a conversation past a few words as opposed to his brother, Vilkas is also a master level trainer, this time in the art of two-handed weapons. Also like his brother, Vilkas can be married if a mutant wolf man with a more advanced vocabulary tickles your fancy. He does well in battle against foes, but does lack the same punch that his brother packs, even though he teaches warriors to use some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

While not as powerful as his brother, he is still quite effective in combat, and provides slightly more companionship on the road due to his chatty nature and expanded lexicon. As one of the only male housecarls in the game, Agris the Bulwark is a pretty worthy companion and also has a gnarly name that would totally suit a Skyrim speed metal band really hoping this is a thing.

He becomes available as a follower once the Dragonborn is appointed a thane of Markarth.A Rose Without Thorns is the story of a dishonored knight and his journey toward reclaiming his former virtue. The Knight of Thorns Upon entering the Braidwood Inn in Kynesgrove, the player will find Erevan waving his mug around in a drunken stupor. Further conversation will reveal he was a former Knight of the Rose, the personal guard of the Count of Cheydinhal.

If the Kynesgrove dragon has been slain and Delphine has asked the player to meet her back in Riverwood, leaving the inn and returning will start the quest. In versions after, so long as A Blade in the Dark is not running, the quest will start. Entering any of these places after speaking to Erevan will enable Hiram. The Chaste Knight Upon re-entering the inn, the player finds a Breton named Hiram pleading with Erevan to return to Cheydinhal to clear his name.

After Erevan brushes him aside, Hiram addresses the player and apologizes for his behavior. At this point, a farmer enters the inn and warns the town that the Knights of the Eight have returned. The farmer reveals that the knights are actually bandits extorting the town for protection money. Hiram storms outside and confronts the bandits. Hiram informs the player this was his intent all along, to inspire the people to stand up to the bandits.

However, by slaying the bandits, Hiram fears that the Knights of the Eight will make an attempt to ransack the town. In order to ensure the defense holds up, he asks the player to ask Erevan to help. Hiram then gives the player the option of having the townsfolk construct battle defenses, either with barricades or traps. The player can also choose to leave the roads bare. Notes: — Hiram was made to mirror the look of Bremman Senyan from Oblivion.

However, he was mistakenly made a Breton like Jhared Strongblade as opposed to an Imperial. Erevan will apologize to the player for his behavior and speak truly for the first time. At this point the bandits will attack the rear flank. Slaying them will spawn the frontal assault. The player must run back to the town to help the defense. When the battle is over, Hiram and Erevan will speak to each other and thank the player.

If a bandit were to run away, that count could be jeopardized. This has been rectified in version 3 by speaking to Erevan provided he is not in combat. Page History. Farmer disabled. If the EQBanditDcount is 7 or greater, the stage will advance to If the EQBanditDcount is 16 or greater, the stage will advance to If a bandit runs away and the count fails, speaking to Erevan will advance to 90 so long as the count is greater than Vigilance and Virtue. ErevanHiram. The Deathbroker. First wave of bandits enabled.

Second wave of bandits enabled.With the help of companions both old and new, the player discovers the source of the contracted killers and delves deeper into the intrigue of the Darksteels. As the player approaches Erevan, he nostalgically reflects upon similar experiences of listening to the hymns in Cyrodiil, evident that he has learned to move on from his past. He observes that those who grew impatient with the Dark Sacrament have taken up hiring independent contractors to carry out assassinations.

Introducing herself as Alassea, she quickly befriends the player. The player can accept or decline, either way, she will insist that they both go and leaves to prepare. He hands the player a letter Krillo had given him, supposedly originating from the broker to Maven Black-Briar, containing dates and other clues that can be used when questioning the party guests. The player may feel free to eat, drink and mingle. Entertainment of the night is provided by Alassea, who will take song requests as well.

There are three main suspects the player may speak with. The player may also speak with Alassea who offers tidbits on the three suspects, or if one simply wish to learn more about Alassea herself. Using clues from the stolen correspondence and interaction with the party guests, narrow down to one suspect. When ready, speak to Erevan to inform him of the identity of the suspect. Regardless of who the player ends up accusing, Erevan will voice some sort of agreement.

erevan skyrim

This triggers the next stage of the quest and the party disperses. Either pickpocket or kill the suspects to obtain the journals on their person that will confirm the identity of the broker.

Notes: — Asking Alassea about the suspects will enable additional dialogue options when questioning them — The dialogues for all three suspects are repeatable, allowing the player to go through all possible variations — Correctly or incorrectly identifying the deathbroker with Erevan will cause minor variations in subsequent dialogues in this quest, however it does not affect the overall outcome.

The player can wait as long as patience permits, the knight will not show up. With Erevan being temporarily preoccupied, the player should go directly to the Hall of the Dead in Windhelm to meet with this secret admirer. Upon entering the main chamber of the catacombs, the eerie voice of Deneris echos to greet the player. Revealing his ambush, a ghostly Deneris emerge from the caverns to accost the player while his followers stalks out of the shadows.

Clearly still bitter from the events of long past, Deneris disclose that the relic which triggered the series of betrayals was a tributary sword from the Ashlanders to the daedric trinity: Boethiah, Mephala, and Azura. Despite siding with the Trinity initially by defying Deneris, Varyan nevertheless incurred the wrath of the deadra when he let Deneris live.

The vengeful gods struck a bargain with Deneris — Boethiah granted him immortality, like a living daedric weapon, they allowed him to kill Varyan for his betrayals.

A Rose Without Thorns

Finally, claiming that the player have been guided by aspects of the daedric princes to kill him, he attacks. Proceed to dispatch Deneris and his goons in the usual Dragonborn fashion.

Although the player may be flying solo at this point, Alassea will appear in the middle of the fight to lend some sparks, being a trained mage. Alassea expresses her concern after the fight ends, admitting to having followed the player out of curiosity. While discussing with Alassea what to do with the new bodies added to the Hall of the Dead, Erevan rejoins the party. Aspect of Azura Regrouped, the heroes now realizes they face the unusual conundrum of killing a ghost.

The player can proceed to the two locations in either order. Upon arrival to the Shrine of Azura, the trio is met with a new pilgrim, Erwen. She comments on the beauty of the shrine in awe, recalling Elandir had called the shrine evil. Elandir eventually deserted the order and abandoned the brotherhood as well as Gildi. When questioned about the sword relic, she explains it is the Trinity Blade, capable of banishing spirits from the mortal plane.

The conclusion of this exchange completes Deathbroker and starts the next quest in the series — A Path of Bones. Page Discussion History. Notes: — Asking Alassea about the suspects will enable additional dialogue options when questioning them — The dialogues for all three suspects are repeatable, allowing the player to go through all possible variations — Correctly or incorrectly identifying the deathbroker with Erevan will cause minor variations in subsequent dialogues in this quest, however it does not affect the overall outcome Contact From the Beyond Entering the Cornerclub, the player find Erevan to be nowhere in sight.

Erwen enabled Quest marked as complete. Cat and Mouse. A Path of Bones.In addition, all NPCs added to the game possess high-quality custom voice acting. Most NPCs added have extensive dialogues that explain their background, as well as sometimes disclosing more information about the lore of The Elder Scrolls Series established in previous titles, some things that haven't been implemented or partially implemented in Skyrim.

It also adds two different types of new followers, regular followers and "super followers". The "super followers" are special because they have location and quest-related dialogue. For example, after having finished Dragon Risingthe "super followers" will make comments about the event as opposed to the regular followers.

However the regular followers will still have extensive dialogues and on occasion some of these followers may even have a quest available after having been traveled with for a while. Interesting NPCs also adds dozens of new quests, new books, several newly composed bard songs and some of the NPCs are able to be married, with some of the new potential partners having unique sexualities.

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E-Erevan? What are you doing?

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. More information. Conjure Dragon Priest Rage Paralysis.Other modding chat rooms. I've installed it before, but I've only talked to a handful of the buggers, mostly in the Whiterun area.

erevan skyrim

I'm mostly testing the mod out, get a better feel for the mod as a whole, which is my reason for asking. I like Rumarin because he comments on so much stuff, even random dungeons, all over the place. It's hilarious. Good to have him along from the beginning, since he also comments on all major questlines. I second Rumarin. I LOVE him. He comments all the time without being super annoyingand he's pretty sassy.

I especially love his thoughts on the Thalmor: "They're tall, punctual, and have good fashion sense". Just met him, and he seems cool. His dialogue is a little out-of-place tone wise, but he's actually funny enough that I don't care. It's nice to have a fellow high-elf to hang around with as well. Same here. Under different circumstances I wouldn't have him as a follower because he's just not serious enough for the tone of Skyrim, but he's too funny to NOT take him.

Honestly, one of my main issues is that I was going to have my character be a snarky, independent High Elf dude, but he's stolen my thunder! He genuinely made me LOL numerous times. I like to try and pretend my Skyrim is really harsh and gritty, but he was a perfect interjection of humor. Does Intersting NPCs play friendly with follower overhauls that allow multiple followers, or am I only suppose to have one follower at a time?

Rumarin doesn't even count as a follower. I dunno why. That's because iNPCs use a clone of the vanilla follower system, not the actual vanilla system. That means, without any follower overhaul, you can have 1 vanilla humanoid, 1 pet, and 1 iNPC. Follower overhauls actually tend to play weirdly with iNPCs, leading to headaches when you try to dismiss followers or when iNPC quests want to do things with the extra characters you're hauling around, plus it's entirely possible iNPC followers will refuse to follow if you have one already anyway despite the follower overhaul.


I used AFT, but I did run into a few headaches during my playthrough. I just lived with the headaches, myself. Had to deck out Anum-La in all the cool armor I wasn't using played a mage who only wore clothes and robesafter all. Whenever a follower uses a separate system, or doesn't count toward the main follower count, AFT breaks them eventually.

That's one of the things you have to be careful of when using iNPCs with AFT or other mods; it's just fine when, say, carting around vanilla followers and followers from other mods like Inigo, but when you start hauling around multiple iNPCs, things start getting a little messy; you might dismiss one follower only for your other follower to leave instead and the "dismissed" follower will still hang around.

Not to mention, because the follower system is a clone of vanilla and not actually the vanilla follower system, you might find yourself unable to hire more than one iNPC at a time in the first place. You can work around these problems with enough fiddling, but if you're using AFT and would like to avoid headaches, you might want to just have one iNPC at a time.

Besides, if you want party banter, you'll sadly only get that during quests.Erevan Ilesere air-eh-van ill-eh-seer is a fickle, utterly unpredictable deity who can change his appearance at will. He is one of the most fun-loving deities in the multiverse, and he seems incapable of remaining still or concentrating on a single task for any extended period of time. Erevan enjoys causing trouble for its own sake, but his pranks are rarely either helpful or deadly. However, Erevan becomes very dangerous if sylvan races or weak elven groups are threatened, and he is always championing the underdog.

The church of Erevan lacks any sort of hierarchy, for worship is not permitted at the same location twice and no cleric can be bothered to coordinate the clergy. Clerics of Erevan are wild, mischievous, independent, and unpredictable, playing tricks on others for the sheer joy of it.

They oppose settled interests of all sorts and delight in upsetting both the rule of law and powerful people and in generally creating mayhem. The have little in the way of formal duties, and minister to the faithful primarily through example and instruction in the skills required of mischievous rogues. Clerics of Erevan pray for their spells at midnight, when darkness covers their mischief. Followers of Erevan gather monthly for a Midnight Gambol, which is held in a sylvan glade beneath the light of the full moon.

The exact location of each Midnight Gambol is a secret that is passed among the faithful by word of mouth in the days leading up to the event. Anyone who manages to discover the festivities through their own ingenuity is welcome to participate. Each Midnight Gambol includes the sacrifice of beautiful objects most of which are borroweddancing, wine-drinking, tale-telling, and endless prank-playing. Many clerics multiclass as rogues or sorcerers.

They turn rather than rebuke undead. Despite his fickle nature, Erevan is fiercely devoted to the Seldarine. He is part of an informal group of mischief makers including BrandobarisGarl Glittergoldand Tymora who often draw the ire of more serious deities, such as Helm.

Other allies include Baravar CloakshadowDugmaren BrightmantleMililand deities, including Beshaba and Maskfor their cruelty and greed offends his light-hearted nature. He opposes the drow pantheon other than Eilistraee.

His pranks have provoked the anger of BaneLoviatarand similar evil humorless beings. Change and excitement are the spice of life.

erevan skyrim

Live on the edge, unbound by the conventions of society in a spirit of constant self-reinvention. Puncture the self-righteousness, sanctimony, and pretension that pervades orderly society with mischievous pranks that both amuse and enlighten.

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