Pro tools cpu overload error 6101

In this free help article, we take a look at 5 common error codes that can come up in Pro Tools, and There are usually two main ways Pro Tools reports errors DAE can't get audio from the disk fast enough. Your disk may be too slow or too fragmented. The leading cause of the error is recording, playing back, or bouncing to a drive that is literally "too slow or too fragmented".

A lot of the advice relates to older computer systems with Firewire or USB drives etc. In my experience errors come up at the point Pro Tools cannot get all the data on and off the session drive fast enough. That can be because the data is too fragmented, ie bits of the audio file are spread across the drive, but again things have moved on so much that fragmentation isn't always the issue. Also, the reasons for error messages can be many and varied, but can include the fact that the computer is too busy to serve Pro Tools in a timely manner, which could be background applications running and so on.

Disk too slow or too fragmented" is a variation on the same problem but in this case, it is the PCI bus that is getting clogged up so that Pro tools can't get the data fast enough. Disk Cache came to Pro Tools Vanilla in version Even so, it is still possible to get errors with Disk Cache. Avid recommend that you wait until Disk Cache has finished caching the timeline to begin playback.

Check your Disk Cache settings. Some users have reported that if it is set to Normal Pro Tools can still produce or errors. Increasing the Disk Cache to say 10GB providing you have the memory for it may resolve the problem. Look at any application that might be scanning drives creating catalogs etc, as they will make the hard drive have to work harder. Spotlight indexing has been found to cause "disk too slow" errors while recording in Pro Tools.

You can disable Spotlight indexing:. Audio tracks with lots of edits, as can be created when using Beat Detective, can also cause errors. Bounce to disk, Consolidate, or using Track Commit all can help.

If you have a lot of tracks in a session then consider splitting your audio tracks up across multiple drives to prevent this error. Partitioning large drives into volumes no larger than around 9 gigs in size can help prevent fragmentation.

But partitioning drives can also cause issues and again this largely relates to older systems. Large drives now rarely need partitioning for performance reasons. Firewire drives have been known to cause errors. This is another common error on Pro Tools that can occur in a wide range of circumstances. Pro Tools ran out of CPU power. Try deactivating or removing Native plug-ins. AAE error Pro Tools This can occur if you are pushing the CPU too hard.

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CPU Overload with Pro Tools 10.3.9 and Kontakt 5 (Komplete 9 Ultimate)

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter RickydB Start date May 5, Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to the Hackintosh scene.

I just build my first Hackintosh core specs are in my sig and I've got pretty much everything running GREAT thanks to many hours spent reading these forums except for Pro Tools 9 which is a large part of why I wanted to build this computer. I know there's a few PT users on here so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here.

When I first installed PT, it wouldn't even open. I got all kinds of crazy errors, and finally did a couple of clean reinstalls of both the OS and PT and got things working. PT opens with no problem, but when I'm playing back sessions I keep getting the following error: "A CPU overload error occurred, if this happens try increasing the buffer size or removing some plug-ins ".

Any suggestions? The interface I'm using is a Presonus Firepod firewire interface plugged directly into the fw port on my MB. I experience a lot of the same issue on my Macbook Pro, so I'm kind of curious if there my be something going on with the Firepod. Does anyone know of a way I can test this? Maybe some way to monitor for bottlenecks in the system that can help me pinpoint where this supposed "overload" is occurring? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Do you have another interface to test it with, maybe an "M' powered one?Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7. I was running quite a few instances of the plugins: 3 or 4 of Guitar Rig, and maybe 10 of Absynth at the most and once completed the session ran at about 50 tracks. I'm sure the problem is I'm running too many instances of the plugin and I should just print the guitar rig and absynth effects which I have, in some instances but in many cases some of the guitar rig instances are just placeholders for when the signal is re-amped and I don't want to print some of the absynth tracks in case there are some arrangement changes and I need to modify the midi.

I haven't wanted to record vocals with headphones for fear of this blasting at me while tracking, but I suppose I could bounce the current mix and then open a new session and record the vocals there, then drop the vocal. I've noticed when I turn off my wifi, it seems to help a bit not much to reduce the frequency of these issues.

I have no issues when I don't have those two particular plugins running. Other than the obvious tedious workarounds, is there any way to somehow prevent the CPU from being overloaded? Should I delete every other program other than Safari and my audio programs on this computer I don't use it for anything other than audio and video stuff? Or is it just the fault of my iMac? Specs: Pro Tools 10 Ver Pro Tools seems to do this with about 10 or so tracks and two instances of Guitar Rig.

I do have an external hard drive, but it's just using time machine to back everything up. I guess one option is to partition it or only run my sessions off the drive? Join Date Aug Location U. Hi, It might not help but there are updates available for PT Originally Posted by Steenamaroo. Originally Posted by AshX. I might try that, then. I haven't updated to 11 yet Yeah, I'd leave well alone.

I got the free upgrade but I'm not touching it yet. Another handy tip; If your problems are inexplicable or all of a sudden, find the protools preference and database trasher app, or google how to do it manually. I keep that little app on hand. It's sorted out no end of issues. From your description, it sounds like you've just found the limits of your mac.

Guitar rig is pretty intensive. Maybe some plugin management will help?Find out more about the bundles and the newly added instruments. Komplete 13 is available for pre-order now, and will become available for download on October 1, Forums Quick Links. Members Quick Links. NI Community Forum. Hi everyone, We have just announced our latest version of the Komplete bundles.

Find out more about the bundles and the newly added instruments Komplete 13 is available for pre-order now, and will become available for download on October 1, Messages: 5. Previous to this, I haven't had any issues running any VSTs what so ever. Some sessions with multiple audio tracks will run fine however 1 instance of Komplete is enough to can the whole session. Here are the errors that come up A CPU overload error occurred. This is crazy that it overloads with just one instance of Komplete going.

Previous to the update I could run multiple tracks with multiple Komplete plug ins going. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Erik. Erik HimelJul 17, Also - doesn't seem to be any problems using Logic Pro X. Running a session with 30 VST and then using Komplete, a little latency.

Messages: 7, It might be that the instrument s you're loading in Kontakt are more CPU-heavy than you might assume.

Pro Tools's recommendation is accurate: increase your buffer size or raise or disable the overload alert threshold. I haven't spent detailed time analyzing it myself, but have heard anecdotally that Pro Tools's CPU efficiency at hosting plug-ins is not as good as other hosts.

David DasJul 17, Messages: 1, Nine times out of ten, you've got some especially heavy effects in the chain. I don't care what anybody says, anything less than an i7 is "little" in my book. So don't send me any PMs, please.

BIFJul 20, Messages: I had to remove AAX and use the rtas version. AAX caused constant error You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.Bought Pro Tools 10 2 weeks ago. Use a Motu 4pre. I'm truying to record my guitar to a mono track, with no inserts, no plugins, no effects whatsoever: after a few seconds of recording I get the error message.

Even when I don't use my Motu interface and try to record with the Pro Tools aggregate device built-in mic I constantly receive an error message. At first my Host Processor was set to 4 processors, then to 3, then 2, Ableton Live, Garageband: al work perfect. Originally Posted by hotel Darryl Ramm.

Originally Posted by jbrown Thx for reply.

pro tools cpu overload error 6101

I don't use an external drive. My boot drive OS X and my audio drive are both the same.

This is because I'm recording one single mono track no inserts. If all other DAW can handle this, Pro Tools can't?

I only use a external drive whenever I'm recording more then 4 tracks. All my plugins are working. I don't understand why I can't record a single mono track. Error message pops up after few seconds. Help on this is much appreciated, as for Pro Tools is useless to me. Yes, two drives are minimum requirement. Alex TCH.

6101 error Pro Tools 8 :(

As simple as it is! It helped me! Find all posts by Alex TCH. Switched to PT from Cubase 3. Everything went really smooth with MIDI.

pro tools cpu overload error 6101

Untill first audio recording track. I keep iMac clean from all other stuff - dedicated purely to PT. So I am surprised Just saying. Seems like smooth stuff Quote:. OS X As soon as playback starts or after lately 10 seconds we get a pro tools cpu overload error message Protools HD Native Ultimate The Renderer Software has no problems to connect to those Interfaces and splits sound correctly to both interfaces.

I already installed twice a fresh apple osx also on ssd high sierra. I installed only basic Protools Ultimale without any additional software and dolby render 3. With only ProTools Ultimate running we never see this massage. This machine runs without any problems on biggest projects without any issues. Have you tried using the Dolby Audio Bridge as part of an aggregate device?

Detailed in chapter 10 of the docs. All interface suddenly switched to KHZ. I think there may be a few interacting issues here. Have you seen this? Also note that while you may be able to get the Renderer stable with a MacPro 5.

Best, Adam Dolby. Interacting issues: I do not see why there should be driver conflicts, as i installed new OS system High Sierra and PT Ultimate without any further plugs.

Como ajustara la memoria del disco cache en Pro Tools error

Even on a new install I get those errors. MacPro 5. As I see here in this forum there are people using those 5,1 Mac Pro. I did a systemclone of the 6 core 5. How can that be. An old system, never installed fresh since with system update after system update over the old system plays. And a new install on the same machine does not. So this is the proof that on this machine we do not have some general system conflicts as a clone from another machine works there. Home Solutions Forums.

How can we help you today?AAE error. Adjustments in Playback Engine do not fix anything. I can't imagine I'm the only one with this issue. It's infuriating and renders PT11 basically useless. Here's the full message. AAE " any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm "running" PT Re: AAE error. Find all posts by nainesh. Originally Posted by dipu. I'm not using an external drive but I think I managed to figure out what was causing it.

I installed Maschine a while back and that had a conflict with the Avid Core Audio plugin which prevented Maschine from launching. To fix that I was instructed by NI to remove the file from it's directory. This enabled Machine to launch. NI eventually fixed this issue and I simply forgot to put the Avid Core file back where it belonged. So, I did that and it now PT11 seems to work properly although in a session with many plug-ins I'm now getting the AE error which tells me to try deactivating or removing Native plug-ins.

Still annoying but WAY better than the error.

5 Common Pro Tools Error Codes What They Mean And The Fast Way To Fix Them

No secondary drive is definitely a problem, unless you have a really good SSD in that mac. Find all posts by sw rec. Darryl Ramm. Last edited by Darryl Ramm; at PM. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is PM.

Pro tools cpu overload error 6101

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