Witch of forest grove

Thinking about that late autumn gathering, when the local Pawtuxet tribe and the Separatists who had survived the harsh New England winter and managed to put together enough bounty for the coming cold season gathered at the table, is a sort of fond romance or fantasy.

Often we imagine the Indians in their deerskins and the Pilgrims in their blackest hats with the shiniest buckles on them.

The Terrifying Mysteries of the Elfin Forest

Yet both groups shared many things in common, including a set of magical practices aimed at protecting their homes and blessing themselves with prosperity. Each group had its own charms, talismans, prayers, and formulas for dealing with the dangers of spiteful magic. The Pilgrims, drawing on their English heritage, had all sorts of magical tricks up their black-and-white sleeves for defeating evil witches and devils:.

Prior to entering his complaint into the legal domain, the colonial villager could draw upon a variety of protective magical formulas to maintain some sort of equilibrium between good and evil mystical forces. Looking at these specific examples, we can see a few things which indicate that magic among the Pilgrims was not so uncommon.

They could also be used to confuse or cut a witch, magically speaking. The Egg White in a Glass — This is another method of divination involving cracking an egg into a clear glass or jar of water, then reading the resulting shapes, strings, bubbles, and colors found in the glass. Curanderismo continues to use this method as a regular part of cleansing and reading practice even today. The Horse-shoe on the Threshold — This particular charm moves out of the realm of divination and into prosperity and protection magic.

We covered horseshoes on our Lucky Charms podcastand you can read all about them at the Lucky W Amulet Archive page on the subject. The Stone in the Stable — The stone referred to in this charm would likely have been a holed stone, one which had been naturally eroded to leave a gap by which it was then hung in places needing protection from malefic activity.

Charles Leland admittedly a questionable source on some matters of folklore, but not without his merits wrote of many New England Native magical practices. As the Catholic priest, by Bible incantations or scriptural magic, exorcises devils and charms cattle or sore throats, disowning the darker magic of older days, so the Shaman acts against the real wizard.

Leland recounts several legends of warriors and magical Indians doing battle with terrible spirits, the dead, and other dangerous forces. In his efforts to get a wife, he sets out on a journey in which he acquires many talismanic and shamanic tools.

The foe shall not harm you; the spirits which haunt the wilderness shall pass you by; hunger and pain shall not know you; death shall not be in your road. These spiritual allies are acquired by the following process. At the age of fourteen or fifteen, the Indian boy smears his face with black, retires to some solitary place, and remains for days without food. Superstitious expectancy and the exhaustion of famine rarely fail of their results. His sleep is haunted by visions, and the form which first or most often appears is that of his guardian manitou, a beast, a bird, a fish, a serpent, or some other object, animate or inanimate.

An eagle or a bear is the vision of a destined warrior ; a wolf, of a successful hunter; while a serpent foreshadows the future medicine man, or, according to others, portends disaster…The young Indian thenceforth wears about his person the object revealed in his dream, or some portion of it—as a bone, a feather, a snake-skin, or a tuft of hair.


So as you eat your turkey leftovers, you could crack an egg into a glass of water, pull out some scissors and a sieve, or maybe even think about putting the food aside for a while and seeing what comes to you in your dreams. It might add a little New World Witchery to your holiday. Which, of course, makes me feel pretty darn thankful. While we get our Etsy shop slowly up to speed there are more products on the way soon, I promise! Without further ado, here they are:.Schulke Magister of the Cultus Sabbati and Mike Howard editor of The Cauldronand contains eighteen essays on historical and traditional witchcraft, both from a practical and scholarly perspective.

Some of the phenomenal authors contributing to this tome include David RankineCecil Williamson, and even a posthumous essay by Andrew Chumbley. There will likely be more information on the Three Hands Press website as the release date approaches sometime in the next few months. I completed a really lovely little book called The Drunken Botanistwhich looks at the plant kingdom through a shot glass, providing history, growing tips, and drink recipes along the way.

It turns out Washington was an excellent farmer in no small part due to slave labor, it should be notedand Jefferson was more theoretical and also extensively used slave labor. If you are at all interested in identifying wild plants, this is a great foundational text. In the world of gratuitous pop-culture witch-fluff, the Season of Witch continues. It will do absolutely nothing to improve the image of witches, folk magicians, or really anyone, but if you want to get a little jolt of wickedness it is a lot of fun.

In truth, I mostly chose that version because it was at hand and fit the time frame of the show nicely, but I am absolutely at fault for not pointing out that there is a much darker and possibly more enjoyable because of it version of the tale.

You can read it at the Sur La Lune fairy tale site if you want to get a glimpse of a very Dark Mother. Oddlywho is dealing with some difficult legal and financial situations centering on a custody battle. Greetings and salutations! It has been a phenomenally busy end-of-summer around here. What makes him of interest here is that he blends the occult with the scientific, creating a strange but wonderful mythology that is very easy to get sucked into.

Much of his work has entered the public domain, and you can frequently find good collections of it cheaply, such as this Kindle collection of his work for less than a dollar.

The editor unfortunately bowdlerized a number of the stories, but you can find a number of great tales in here anyway, by authors like H. Wells and Charles Chesnutt. The classic White Zombie stars Bela Lugosi and features all sorts of ridiculous fun. The film The Serpent and the Rainbow was more enjoyable than I thought it would be at first. The movie obviously mangles the research a bit in the name of good storytelling well, storytelling of some kind, anywaybut it still makes for a harrowing look at the political and spiritual life of Haiti under the dictatorship of Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier.

Finally, I wanted to mention a few musical items of interest. Most of these songs you could find by digging around in archives or on the internet long enough, but Cat has done a marvelous job assembling them in one place and providing a really rich commentary on them in the liner notes.Want to hear more from Sarah? For your reading ease, bits from Mastering Witchcraft are quoted below, with discussion points.

It was my witchcraft teacher who told me I must read Huson, he being of the older generation and I of the new, and I delighted in reading it; here was a book that finally matched my darkly witchy soul and was unashamed of speaking of power, darkness, spirits, and necromancy. I ate it up and thirsted for more as it differed so greatly from the goddess-power-do-no-harm books I was used to finding in bookstores. Why fight our nature? We are what we are. Are the stake and the noose things of the past?

Are we coming out of, or going into repression? We witches hang precariously in a balance between good and evil in the public mind. When they have need of us or for us to entertain them we are good, but when they need someone to blame for wrongdoings or tragic events it is our blood that is often spilled.

Such tragedy is not behind us in the past. Cushioned Wiccans in N. America may have already forgotten the violence towards priests and priestesses of Vodou after the earthquakes in Haiti by the common people who believed it was their evil magics who had brought the wrath of God upon the island. Men and women are stilled killed in the world today for the accusation of witchcraft. It is foolish to think no one would ever harm us. Laws are nothing to fundy family members, angry mobs, and fearful prejudiced coworkers, bosses, and landlords.

As long as there is superstition in the hearts of men there will be witches and there will be witch hunters. The seeds of success or destruction lie within you and you alone. Keepers of the ways between worlds and masters of magic and the first of our kind — the Witchmother and the Witchfather.

I myself have been unsuccessful in putting the preferred cultural faces on my deities; they resist me at every turn and will have none of it as they are who they are.It has a lovely smell and was very helpful on my trip to my spacial place in the woods. I prepared with some light meditation and spellwork before I anointed and left. By the time I reached the hedge, colors were appearing sharper and I was noticing things a little differently. In the woods I suprised a few roe deer, who are in the rut right now.

There was much barking to be heard at sparse intervals throughout the day. Once deeper in the forest I caught sight of something large moving on silent wings, most likely a harrier or buzzard, who knows it was just a big flapping shadow.

I must have seen some bird of this type about 5 today. At last I asked for a sign that it was done, at which moment I heard a hawk call and looked down in front of me, at the former resting place of the fox. Lo and behold, a big owl pellet! It was wet from the past few days of rain but it was an unmistakeable tangle dball of bones, fur etc. Then there was a tick crawling on my leg and start walking around.

Decided to finally find the source of the meandering brook and along the way. A big fat patch of them. I gathered up a bunch and had them stir fried with rice and veg for dinner. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View.

witch of forest grove

Forest Spirit. Show more notes.On this, the second episode of New World Witchery, Laine and Cory discuss the ins and outs of broom closets.

In the second segment, we hear from the lovely Sarah Lawless, proprietress of the Forest Grove Botanica and keeper of many irons in many fires. Then, we wrap up with a call for comments and emails from our listeners.

Forest Grove Botanica — a top-notch source for hand-crafted witchy and rootworking goods. From Magnatune. Hedgefolk Tales is the latest endeavor by the very busy and very informative Sarahthe Witch of Forest Grove. In her show, Sarah will be presenting stories and tales from history, mythology, and folklore, and then sharing some witchcraft-related exegeses with us.

From listening to the first show alone I can already tell this is going to be one of my new favorite podcasts. She has a great sense of style and a fantastic voice for this kind of work, so please do go check out Hedgefolk Tales.

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witch of forest grove

Previous page Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.There are hundreds, even thousands, of stories, legends, and sightings of paranormal entities in Elfin Forest and the surrounding areas. A sect of psychics and other occult practitioners lives within the forest, in an area called Harmony Grove.

They love to speak with visitors about the many paranormal influences on the land, and many of the stories of Elfin Forest are kept by them. Many years ago, it is said, a family of three were wandering the woods, exploring and enjoying the day. Finally, just as their friends were starting to become concerned, a lone figure crested a hill and came stumbling down. It was the woman of the family, the wife and mother, recognizable even through the dirt and torn clothes, and the look of pure terror in her eyes.

Spending her days with old books marked with strange characters and her nights meeting with even stranger people from the local Indian tribes and further afield, the woman seemed to become a different person. Nobody at the time knew what she was ready for, exactly, but they knew getting in her way would only lead to pain or worse. As the years and decades passed, hikers and campers in the Elfin Forest reported seeing the ghostly figure of a woman floating through the land.

Attempting to speak to her was fruitless as she would simply vanish, but everyone who encountered her soon packed up and left. Stories of a White Lady are common in ghost lore, and often appear when a murder or suicide has taken place.

It seems that this woman may have become one deliberately, seeking revenge on those who killed her family. Recently, the mystics of Harmony Grove reported that the White Lady had found her peace and finally moved on to the next plane. The women would wear long flowing gowns and dance in a manner that seemed quite unseemly to the people of the time.

Over time, the Gypsies did make friends with the other communities nearby, and shared a little of what they were up to. None of the children were known to her, and in fact she did not know any Indian families in the area who dressed in the traditional garb.

They live within the woods, perform readings, and love to educate hikers, ghost hunters, and other visitors on the many supernatural denizens of Elfin Forest.

These people really get it, and they would love to help you find out just what lurks within the woods. The original gypsy residents of Harmony Grove, sadly but unsurprisingly, eventually came into conflict with the nearby towns.

Running ahead of the mob with just a few minutes warning, they did have time to enact one final, terrible ritual. Visitors entering the forest sometimes feel a chill, and this is the invisible mark of the witch.

The witch will ride up on her stallion and turn her gaze upon them, and they will simply die on the spot. Most, but not all, of the ghost legends of Elfin Forest are tied to this witch, and most experts agree that she is their leader. A veritable army of ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, and bizarrely aggressive animals roam the land just outside the former mental institution, and traveling through the area is quite dangerous.

Ten feet tall on the ground, the creature soars through the skies between the hours of midnight and am. Today, Questhaven is private land, but has been known to grant permission for explorers to enter the property. The Terrifying Mysteries of the Elfin Forest. Photo credit: hiddensandiego. Need Help? Have Questions?I have been following the witch of forest grove for a while now and I noticed she had her own online shop called forest grove botanica or to see her actual website click here.

I was always very tempted to buy from her shop but I was a little bit nervous due to shipping as in the past I have bought things and never turned up when it comes to buying items from other countries, but since I have had two successful deliveries and the fact that she had a sale on I thought it was time to buy some items from her. She makes her own items, so when I saw the amount that she had on I was very tempted to buy most of the items, but in the end I bought 3 items.

I had ordered this on the 11th February and it is now the 22nd February, so it has taken a good week and a half to get here, which is actually really good considering where it was being sent to From Canada to the UK. Overall I am pretty pleased with the price, the delivery and the communication between her and myself.

I will be sure to buy from her again. View all posts by Helene. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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witch of forest grove

Witch of forest grove

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